How To Order From Amazon In Nepal? – A Helpful Illustrative Guide

Is Amazon available in Nepal? The answer to that question is yes, but there are a few things that buyers in Nepal need to be aware of before placing an order. For starters, Amazon does not deliver directly to Nepal. All orders must be shipped through a third-party delivery service. Secondly, the selection of products available on is not as comprehensive as it is in other countries. However, there are still a number of items that can be purchased, including books, music, movies, and electronics. Finally, the prices on are typically higher than they are in local stores in Nepal. Despite these drawbacks, many Nepalese residents still find value in shopping on because of the convenience and wide range of products offered.

But, there are talks about Amazon planning to start its services in Nepal in the near future. It is said that Amazon is looking for a local partner to kick-start its operations in Nepal. Once it starts its services, Amazon is expected to provide faster delivery to customers here in comparison to the current e-commerce players including Daraz and Sastodeal.

How To Actually Get These Products In Nepal?

 Since Amazon doesn’t provide any shipping method to Nepal, we cannot get the deals we always wanted. This is a major issue I have been facing myself, so I wanted everyone to know the easiest way to order items from Amazon. If you search “Order from Amazon in Nepal,” you will get a list of websites that will ask you to provide a product link. They will calculate the rates and get back to you. Letting others order for you is one of the laziest methods to order items from Amazon. You can go with this if you are willing to pay the extra charges added by the service provider. Also, you will be able to add Vouchers for discounts if you go with the method I am going to teach you below. You need to have your International payment card to go with this, though. Since most Nepalese banks provide you with a dollar card now, I hope you can get it quickly with the help of a mere PAN card.

Step 1: Create A Ship7 Account

You need to create a new account on Ship7. Ship7 offers a free membership plan, so you don’t need to worry about paying extra charges for a subscription. After signing up on Ship7, they will provide you a US Shipping address to use on any e-commerce platform to ship items. Make sure to use “Tax-free Delaware Address” on the Shopping address to save money on taxes. You can find a list of shopping addresses on your dashboard to choose from.

order from amazon in nepal

Step 2: Ship The Products To Ship7 Warehouse

You can order items on any of the platforms by using the shipping address provided by Ship7. Ship7 will notify you once the package gets delivered to your Ship7 address. Be sure to use the correct format while filling in the address on your preferred website. I will attach an image below as a reference.

Step 3: Ship From Ship7 Warehouse To Nepal

Ship7 provides a list of methods to ship your items to Nepal, such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, and many more. You can choose Aramex as your shipping partner because Aramex is the cheapest (there are other options like DHL and FedEx). This shipping cost for ship7 depends upon the volumetric weight of the product. If you don’t know what volumetric weight means, you can use the Volume weight calculator by entering the dimensions of the package. The shipping rate on Aramex is about 13-14$ for 1lbs of goods. You don’t need to worry about this; Ship7 itself calculates the rates.

Step 4: Pay The Shipping And Customs Prices

Here comes the tricky part, Ship7 will ask you to determine how much you paid for the product, and you will have to be clever here not to pay a huge amount of tax when this reach Nepal. Do this at your own risk. You can decrease the price of your items while providing the data to Aramex to save some money in customs. Let’s say you paid 90$ for a product. You can tell Aramex that the item is 50$ to save some money. The customs fee is generally 20-35% of the total price.

Step 5: Wait For The Product To Arrive

Once you choose Aramex and pay the shipping fee, you need to wait 10-15 Days (mine arrived at 10 Days). Note that you have to pay the Shipping Price on the Ship7 website. The local delivery charges and customs fees for your package can be paid when you receive the parcel. Aramex Nepal can bring the parcel to your doorstep in almost every major city of Nepal.

I hope this helps you to order your desired products in Nepal. I use this myself and feel like this is the best method to ship items from these websites.

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