ChatGPT Prompts To Create A SEO-Optimized Blog Post In Minutes

Putting up a post for your blog may take time, particularly if you are pressed for time. What if I told you that you could write a blog article in minutes? We want to introduce you to ChatGPT, a language generation model that will assist you in the production of keywords, titles, outlines, sections, and even photos for your blog post. It is very effective and helps you save a lot of time and energy, which is a huge benefit. According to research by the Content Marketing Institute, producing content consumes a considerable amount of a marketer’s time; 65% of marketers spend more than three hours a week working on this aspect of their jobs. You will be able to reclaim that time for use in more productive endeavors if you make use of ChatGPT. In the next blog post, I will discuss six different methods by which you may utilize ChatGPT to produce an entire blog post in a matter of minutes.

Selecting a Keyword Through the Use of ChatGPT Prompts

When writing a post for your blog, one of the first steps you need to do is to decide on a keyword to focus on. A term or phrase encapsulating your blog article’s central idea is referred to as a keyword. Concentrating on your material and enticing readers may be challenging if you do not have a keyword. According to research by Ahrefs, almost seventy percent of all internet material is never exposed to any organic traffic. You may improve the likelihood of others seeing your post by utilizing ChatGPT to create keywords for their searches.

You may create keywords for your blog post with the assistance of ChatGPT in a matter of minutes. This is a far speedier alternative than attempting to think of a term on your own, which may take anything from ten to twenty minutes to a whole hour.

You might use ChatGPT to produce keywords such as “gardening advice,” “organic gardening,” and “how to start a vegetable garden,” for instance, if you were writing a blog article on “how to start a garden.”

generate 5 keyword ideas related to "gardening"

1. Organic gardening
2. Garden design
3. Container gardening
4. Sustainable gardening
5. Indoor gardening
generate 5 long form keyword ideas related to "gardening"
1. "DIY raised bed gardening for beginners"
2. "Organic pest control methods for your garden"
3. "Creating a sustainable vegetable garden in small spaces"
4. "Designing a low maintenance garden for busy homeowners"
5. "Indoor gardening for apartment dwellers: Tips and tricks"

Creating Blog Headlines With the Help of ChatGPT

After you have determined your target keyword, the following step is to think of a blog title that is captivating and attention-grabbing. It is essential to have a title that is attention-grabbing and captivating if you want readers to click on your blog article. Additionally, ChatGPT may assist you with generating one in a matter of seconds. ChatGPT allows you to build a list of potential title options for you to choose from by having you enter your selected keyword and a few additional factors.

Because it is the first thing readers see, a blog post’s title is critical to its success. According to research conducted by CoSchedule, headlines that use numbers and power phrases get a more significant amount of clicks than those that do not.

You may utilize ChatGPT to produce titles such as “10 Tips for Starting a Garden from Scratch,” “The Beginner’s Guide to Gardening: Everything You Need to Know,” and “How to Start a Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide,” for instance, if your keyword is “beginner gardening.”

create blog headlines for the keyword "beginner gardening"
1. "Starting from Scratch: A Beginner's Guide to Gardening"
2. "Growing Your Own: Tips for Beginner Gardeners"
3. "The Basics of Beginner Gardening: What You Need to Know"
4. "From Zero to Green Thumb: A Beginner's Guide to Gardening"
5. "Starting Small: How to Get into Gardening as a Beginner"
6. "The Joy of Gardening: Tips for Beginners"
7. "Beginner's Guide to Gardening: How to Get Started and Succeed"
8. "Growing Your Own Garden: A Beginner's Guide to Gardening"
9. "Starting a Garden: Tips for Beginner Gardeners"
10. "The First Steps to Gardening: A Beginner's Guide"

Making An Outline With The Help Of ChatGPT

After you have decided on a title for your blog post, you will need to draft an outline for it. An outline is a simplified form of your blog post that may assist you in organizing your ideas and ensuring that your material is straightforward to understand for your readers.

You may develop an outline for your blog post with the assistance of ChatGPT in a matter of minutes. Research conducted by CoSchedule found that the amount of time needed to develop an outline by utilizing ChatGPT is around two minutes on average. This is a far speedier alternative than attempting to generate an outline on your own, which may take anywhere from a quarter of an hour to an hour.

You might use ChatGPT, for instance, to build an outline such as the following if your title is “How to Start a Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide.”

Write an outline for a blog post titled {How to Start a Garden: A Step-by-Step Guide} the outline should include an introduction, four main points, and a conclusion
I. Introduction
Introduce the topic of starting a garden and why it is important
Explain that this post will provide a step-by-step guide for beginners

II. Main Point 1: Planning your garden
Discuss the importance of planning and researching before starting a garden
Talk about things to consider when planning, such as location, size, and types of plants
Provide tips for creating a layout and design for your garden

III. Main Point 2: Preparing the soil
Explain the importance of preparing the soil for a successful garden
Discuss different types of soil and how to improve soil quality
Provide tips for amending soil and preparing it for planting

IV. Main Point 3: Choosing and planting the right plants
Explain the importance of choosing the right plants for your specific location and soil conditions
Discuss different types of plants and how to care for them
Provide tips for planting and maintaining plants in your garden

V. Main Point 4: Caring for your garden
Explain the importance of ongoing care for a successful garden
Discuss things like watering, fertilizing, and pest control
Provide tips for maintaining and troubleshooting common garden issues

VI. Conclusion
Summarize the main points covered in the post
Encourage readers to start their own garden and provide resources for further information.

Utilizing ChatGPT to Create the Different Sections of the Outline

After you have completed the structure for your blog post, the following step is to compose the individual parts of your article. Every segment needs to be targeted at a particular subject and should be simple to read and comprehend.

Now there are two ways you could go around it. You could either write prompts for each sections manually and compile them into a single post or you could write a full blog post using a single prompt. Writing each sections will give you a lengthy output and it would also be easier for you to rewrite each sections to adjust rather than rewriting a whole blog post at once.

Suppose your outline has a section titled “Choosing a spot for your garden,” for instance. In that case, you might use ChatGPT to build a section that includes the following information:

write two detailed blog section for {Choosing a spot for your garden} using the tone of voice as "friendly" and "conversational". Use examples and analogies. 
First, take a look at the sun exposure in your yard. Most plants need at least six hours of sunlight a day to thrive, so you'll want to choose a spot that gets plenty of sun. If you're not sure which areas of your yard get the most sun, try observing them throughout the day to see which parts are the brightest. You can also use a smartphone app to track the sun's path in your area.

Next, consider the drainage in the area. You don't want to choose a spot that's prone to standing water or flooding, as this can lead to root rot and other issues for your plants. Instead, look for an area that drains well and has good soil. If you're not sure about the soil in your yard, you can always do a soil test to get a better idea.

Finally, think about the aesthetics of the spot you're considering. You'll want to choose a spot that's easy on the eyes and will complement the rest of your yard. For example, if you have a beautiful tree in your yard, you might want to choose a spot that's close to it, so you can enjoy the tree and the garden together.

If you are lazy to do this like me, you could use this prompt in the same conversation where you generated the outline before to create a full blog post.

Okay now write 200 words for the introduction, four main points, and conclusion. For each of the main points you should take a point of view, then cite a statistic to back up your point of view, and an example to illustrate. try to write two paragraphs for each main point

Modifications Made to the Complete Output Using ChatGPT

After you’ve established your divisions, you’ll want to polish the final product of your blog article. This involves editing the post for grammar, punctuation, and style, as well as ensuring that the piece’s tone is maintained across the whole thing.

The whole output of your blog post may be fine-tuned in a matter of minutes with the assistance of ChatGPT. Research conducted by Grammarly found that using AI for proofreading may increase up to 28% in the overall quality of the material you produce. You might use ChatGPT to modify your blog post to make it seem more conversational or to proofread it to check for any flaws. For instance, if the tone of your blog article is more official, you may utilize ChatGPT to alter it so that it sounds more conversational and approachable to the reader.

Here are some basic prompts to fine-tune your article.

If the length of the article is short and you need more number of words. I use this prompt all the time.

Increase the length of the above article. Keep the structure of the article the same as before and add few more unique paragraphs into each section.

To bypass AI-detectors.

Rewrite the above article in more human-like-style. Keep the structure of the article the same as before.

To change the tone of voice.

Convert the tone of voice of the above article to {new_tone_of_voice}

Creating Images Through the Use of ChatGPT

Adding photos is the very last stage in the process of writing a blog article. Images are a great way to break up the monotony of reading text and make your content more attractive to the eye aesthetically.

You may produce prompts for photos to use in your blog post with the assistance of ChatGPT in a matter of minutes. For instance, if the topic of your blog post is “how to establish a vegetable garden,” you might use ChatGPT to produce visual prompts for you to utilize, such as “A man holding a shovel, ready to start digging for their vegetable garden,” “A person watering their vegetable garden,” etc.

create image prompts to use as a featured image for the above article.
create image prompts to use in each section for the above article.

You can then use this prompt in a free artificial intelligence picture-generating tool such as Supermachine to produce photos that you can include in your blog post. Supermachine is one example of such a program.

Here is an example of an AI-generated-image for the prompt “A man holding a shovel, ready to start digging for their vegetable garden”

ChatGPT Prompts To Create A SEO-Optimized Blog Post In Minutes


In this piece, we will go through six ways you may utilize ChatGPT to generate an entire blog post in a matter of minutes. ChatGPT can aid you in every stage of the process, from selecting a keyword to producing titles and even graphics to developing an outline, constructing sections, and fine-tuning the output. You will be able to save time and effort by using ChatGPT, enabling you to direct your attention to other activities that are essential. Give it a go, and you’ll quickly discover how simple and time-saving it is to compose a post for your blog using ChatGPT. Happy blogging!

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