Grammary Premium | How To Get Grammarly In Nepal

The free version of Grammarly only considers spelling and grammar, while the premium version provides style and vocabulary suggestions and plagiarism control as an alternative to Copyscape. You can eliminate overused words and make them more straightforward and more consistent. It can also detect inappropriate sounds like informal and non-inclusive words in official documents. It also sees ineffective use of words containing weak verbs. It corrects the text and helps to eliminate repetitive mistakes, making it concise and clear. These features make the premium version of Grammarly a valuable tool for creative writers. Learn the two different ways to get Grammarly in Nepal.

METHOD 1:- Free Way To Get Grammarly In Nepal


Install the extension “Cookie-Editor”. This extension is available for almost all browsers. I recommend using Google chrome since the cookies I will provide work best with Chrome. The link for the chrome extension is also mentioned below.


Open “” on your browser and make sure you log out if you are logged in to any accounts on Grammarly. When you are on the homepage of Grammarly, click the “Cookie-Editor” extension on the top right corner of your browser. Click on “Delete All” to delete all of the existing cookies to proceed to install the new cookies for Grammarly.

Grammary Premium | How To Get Grammarly In Nepal


Open any of the cookies from the links given below. These cookies will be updated every day, and these might not work all the time. If all of these four cookies are not working for you, please come back another day since the cookies will be updated another day.

Cookies 1:- VIEW NOW

Cookies 2:- VIEW NOW

Cookies 3:- VIEW NOW

Cookies 4:- VIEW NOW


Copy one of the cookies from above and open the “Cookie-Editor” extension. You must be on the Grammarly homepage tab while doing this. Open the Cookie-Editor extension and click on “Import”. You will get a field called “Paste your JSON here”. Paste the copied cookies here and click on “Import”. Wait until you get a message. You might get an error message or a successful message. It doesn’t matter what message you get; just hit on refresh to reload the page again. You will be redirected to “” if the cookie is working. Try this method will all of the cookies until you get in.


Since this is a temporary method and the cookies will expire in a day, there is a way you can get this to work for at least a week. It can even work for a month sometimes. When you are inside the Grammarly account, click on “Apps”. Click on “Re-install” next to the Grammarly for windows section. It will download the Grammarly application for you. Please install the application and open it. It will ask you to Log in. Click on “Log in”, and it will redirect you to the logged-in account on your browser. Click on “Continue to Grammarly”, and you are done. This desktop application will not expire in a day, and you can use this to continue using Grammarly for a more extended period.

Grammary Premium | How To Get Grammarly In Nepal

METHOD 2:- Cheaper Way To Get Grammarly In Nepal

If you do not want to go through the hassle mentioned in the first method, there’s a perfect alternative for you. If you don’t already know about buying shared accounts, it is one of the most trending methods for people who can’t afford to pay high subscription charges. Many users are provided with the same account. You can buy shared accounts on multiple platforms, but all of them are not secure. I will list a website where I buy my shared accounts below. You can get Grammarly for only 5$ on this website. It will expire in a month, and you can buy another account next month. They accept Paypal as a payment method so, you can perform one-click checkout there. You will receive the shared Grammarly username and password via your registered email. Usually, you will get the account details in about an hour from the purchase time. I have been using this myself for the last six months, and I have not faced any issues. Their customer support is also great. They are very responsive to emails in case you ever encounter a problem with the account. You can visit the link below to buy a shared Grammarly account.

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